PuzzlePaw Snuffle Ball

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PuzzlePaw Snuffle Ball Engage Your Pet's Senses and Intellect

Sniffing Sensation Puzzle Mat Transform Mealtime into an Exciting Adventure

Furry Friend Foraging Fun Elevate Playtime and Mental Stimulation

ScentSeeker Pet Challenge Foster Your Pet's Natural Instincts

Detachable Puzzle Paw Pad A Smart Solution for Canine Enrichment


  • Premium Quality Fabric: Our Sniffing Ball is crafted from environmentally friendly polar fleece, ensuring a soft and skin-friendly surface. It's also easy to clean and machine washable.
  • An Upgrade in Fun: This Sniffing Ball offers an enhanced foraging challenge compared to traditional sniffing pads. Dogs find food more challenging to retrieve, making it a fun and engaging mental exercise.
  • Hide and Seek: The ball consists of multiple folded circles with deep mouths, allowing owners to hide food within the folds to stimulate your pet's sense of smell.
  • Mental Stimulation: The ball not only provides your dog with a fun way to find their food but also keeps them engaged and mentally sharp during mealtime.
  • Compact and Challenging: This small-sized sphere is perfect for storage and adds complexity to mealtime, making it an excellent enrichment toy.


  • Product Name: Pet Fleece Sniffing Ball
  • Material: Polar Fleece
  • Color Options: White Red-Green, Rainbow Colors
  • Packaging Size: Large Size 20208cm, Small Size 15156cm

Transform Mealtime: With the PuzzlePaw Snuffle Ball, your pet's mealtime becomes a thrilling adventure that stimulates their senses and sharpens their intellect. It's an engaging way to make mealtimes more exciting. Invest in your pet's mental health today!