G-Light SoundCharge - Your All-in-One Lamp

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Introducing G-Light SoundCharge - Your All-in-One Lamp

Elevate your surroundings with our 2023 New Intelligent G-Shaped LED Lamp. This isn't just a lamp; it's a personal atmosphere creator and your versatile companion, designed to add sophistication and functionality to your space.


1. Multifunctional Marvel: More than a lamp, it's a 15W fast wireless charger, a high-quality Bluetooth speaker, your bedtime lullaby, ambient light, bedside companion, glare-free marvel, clock, alarm, and much more.

2. Wake Up Right: Customize your mornings with personalized soundscapes, light colors, and brightness through the app. Start your day right with a healthy and invigorating wake-up routine.

3. Smart Control Center: Supporting various control methods, including app control, voice commands, remote control, or classic buttons. Adjust brightness from 1 to 100%, and change light colors to match your mood effortlessly.

4. Mood Magic: Transform your room with the tap of a button. Cycle through 10 light color modes for the perfect ambiance, creating an environment that suits your mood and moment.

5. Versatile Decoration: More than just a lamp, it's a mood creator ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, home decor, and office spaces. Gift this thoughtful and stylish marvel that seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics.

Experience the Future of Lighting

Experience the future of lighting and ambiance with the G-Light SoundCharge. Combining wireless charging, captivating sound, adjustable lighting, and smart controls, it redefines your space. Choose from elegant black, light grey, or pristine white to suit your style. With power options catering to various regions, it's a global sensation that transcends ordinary lighting. Illuminate your space with intelligence and style. Order your G-Light SoundCharge today!