Moonlight Luminous Charm Necklace

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Elevate Your Style with the Moonlight Luminous Charm Necklace

Illuminate Your Style in the Dark

Discover the ethereal beauty of the Moonlight Luminous Charm Necklace, a celestial-inspired accessory that adds a touch of enchantment to your style. Crafted with luminous stones, this necklace absorbs sunlight during the day, creating a captivating moonlit glow that will illuminate your nights.

Celestial Glow Healing Pendant

Find Peace in the Gentle Night Glow

Experience tranquility with our Celestial Glow Healing Pendant. Embrace the soothing glow that mirrors the gentle radiance of moonlight, bringing a sense of calm and peace to your soul.

Luminous Moonstone Magic Necklace

Shine Bright, Feel Right

Bring enchantment to your look with the Luminous Moonstone Magic Necklace. This exquisite pendant captures the essence of moonlight's gentle embrace, allowing you to shine bright and feel right in every moment.

Natural Moonlight Gemstone Charm

Embrace the Night's Beauty

Step into the night with our Natural Moonlight Gemstone Charm. Let the luminous jewelry enchant your heart and style, casting a mesmerizing glow that celebrates the beauty of the night.

Luminous Lunar Beauty Necklace

A Nighttime Charmer

Cherish the soft, captivating glow of the Luminous Lunar Beauty Necklace. This moon-inspired pendant is a nighttime charmer, enhancing your style with its subtle radiance.


  • Style: Europe and America
  • Material: Alloy
  • Processing: Plating
  • Category: Necklace
  • Style: Unisex
  • Styling: Moon
  • Chain Style: Bamboo Chain
  • Pendant Material: Copper
  • Perimeter: 21cm (inclusive) - 50cm (inclusive)
  • Series: Luminous Pumpkin
  • Colors: Sky Blue, Blue Green, Yellow Green, Purple
  • Chain Size: 45+5CM
  • Pendant Size: 3.2cm


  • Product colors may vary slightly due to lighting conditions.
  • Monitor differences may affect color perception; please consider this prior to purchase.
  • Slight deviations in measurement data are normal.

Embrace the Moonlight: Enhance your style with the Moonlight Luminous Charm Necklace. Capturing the essence of moonlight, this pendant invites a captivating glow into your look. Bring the allure of the night into your style today!

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